Saturday, June 8, 2013

Meeting with the Dean of Students

Four Students from the LESS T met with the Dean of Students, Paul Shang,  on Thursday to talk about President Gottfredson's Investiture and our mic check. He stated that it was not the time or place for such a disruption although students have had no chance to meet with the President. We requested a meeting with the President and the Provost, Jim Bean, who stated at the Investiture that it was not the appropriate place but that he was willing to meet with us. You can see a video of the mic check here:

We look forward to meeting with the Provost and other administrators in the coming weeks. We will be continuing to push our administration to support students in a tuition freeze.

We are demanding that our administration take pay freezes in order to take part in the shared sacrifice that we are all having to take part in. We will be presenting this to the administration at this meeting.

Check back for more updates and email with questions and requests.

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